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The Papa Mora Farm is situated at 320 meters above sea level and dominates from one of the gentle hills of the village of Cellarengo, among rolling meadows and Acacia and Lime tree perfumed woods.

There is a lawn in front of the farm, a pond and vegetable gardens.

Orchards and vineyards surround the farm. The spectacular chain of the Alps frames the skylight and on clear days the mountains from the majestic Monviso to the Monte Rosa can be seen.

Central position. In the middle between Turin, Alba and Asti, the Langhe, the Roero and the Monferrato districts, Papa Mora is in a good position to visit all the interesting tourist and gastronomic places in Piedmont.

Local tourism. The Castle in Pralormo, just a few kilometres from us, hosts “Messer Tulipano”, an extraordinary exhibition of 50.000 tulip bulbs blooming along paths and lanes in the Castle grounds. In spring an unforgettable living experience!

Turin, a splendid city rich in traces of the Savoia Monarchy and completely renovated in preparation of the 2006 winter Olympic games. In the city of the Mole Antonelliana, the Fiat, the River Po, the Royal Palace, coffee shops, historic restaurants and shops, we can still breath the air of times gone by.

Turin is the seat of the Egyptian Museum, second only to the Cairo Museum.

A few kilometres from Turin we can visit the Hunting Lodges of Stupinigi and Venaria Reale, the Mandria Castle and Park, Rivoli Castle that houses the Museum of Modern Art.

Racconigi Castle, just 20 kilometres from Papa Mora, is one of the summer residents of the House of Savoia, immersed in its splendid centuries old Park.

Langhe and Roero. To talk about wines in Piedmont, means talking about Langhe and Roero, a gentle expanse of endless hills covered completely by grape vines on which life is still governed by the ripening of the grapes and by the "truffle hunt". The wine itineraries pass through vine upon vine and lead to historic winemakers’ cellars and castles that dominate the highest hills and survey the endless valleys from the Langhe of Asti up to the Ligurian borders. These are views of heart-stopping beauty that remain impressed for ever in those who see them. This is the home of Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Arneis and other worldwide well known sumptuous wines.

Asti and Monferrato. Asti offers official sites to visit such as the Town Hall or the elegant Cathedral, but it is also rich in rural sites, that make it loved in all its aspects even if its gastronomic siren is the one that draws. The third week in September brings the Palio (a city horse race) which draws crowds of tourists. The Sunday before, the city centre becomes the biggest open air restaurant in the world, with numerous kitchens set up in Piazza Alfieri. The local clubs from all over the County offer their most typical local dishes. But the most spectacular event is the parade of old fashioned crafts and professions in authentic costumes from the early twentieth century.

The "Sacra di San Michele". On beautiful days it is a definite must to visit the “Sacra di San Michele”, a Gigantic medieval Monastery, at the mouth of the Susa Valley, that raises up from the very top of a mountain almost 1000 metres high. Breathtaking views of the Turin valleys can be seen from here.

The Canavese castles. The Borgo of Agliè, Borgo Masino Castles, Mazzè and San Giorgio Canavese Castles just to mention the most important.

From Spring to Autumn it is possible to make a guided round trip of the Canavese Castles. It offers an opportunity to discover the treasures and mysteries of the castles.

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